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Hear the News?

Last updated: Apr 11, 2019

SMG was the first medical facility in New Jersey and the New York metropolitan area to 

provide an innovative new hearing implant  for conductive hearing loss and single-sided deafness called BONEBRIDGE. Dr. Jed Kwartler, Director of Otology/Neurotology, was the first physician in the state to perform the surgery to implant BONEBRIDGE in a patient who suffered single-sided hearing loss and distortion after a virus attacked her right ear and caused irreversible nerve damage.

BONEBRIDGE is the world’s first bone conduction implant that combines the benefits of intact skin with direct drive stimulation of the bone. BONEBRIDGE represents an entirely new approach to bone conduction hearing technology, and is cleared for use in conductive and mixed hearing losses as well as single-sided deafness for candidates age 12 and older.

Wishing to share her experience with others, the patient welcomed media to attend when the device was fitted to her ear and activated for the first time. Media, including News12 NJ and Fios1 News, captured the big moment when the patient beamed and said, “I can hear you!”

“Our sense of hearing connects us to the world and to each other.  We are here to help people stay connected,” says Dr. Kwartler.

Dr. Kwartler and the Ear Specialty Center Team at Summit Medical Group are at the forefront of new technologies for hearing restoration. SMG has already handled a second BONEBRIDGE surgery performed by Dr. Yu-Lan Mary Ying.