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Living Well

16 Ways to Live Well, Stay Well in 2019

Last updated: Nov 30, 2018

A happy year is a healthy year.  Many people center New Year’s resolutions on being healthier—but that can be a daunting task.  Where can you start?  Choose specific goals.  A change in even one or two habits and behaviors can reap positive long term effects.   There’s no better time to start than the New Year! 

1. Prevention Counts

Preventing illness starts with making healthy lifestyle choices and heading off potential medical problems as early as possible.  SMG’s family practice physicians provide check-ups that spot oncoming health issues, and they educate patients about the best individual healthcare practices.  Read one patient's story about beating diabetes with a healthy diet.

2. Eat Well

Many people know they should eat fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and whole grains, but they have trouble implementing better eating habits. The registered dietitians and nutritionists in our Nutrition Health Services work individually with patients to tailor individual food plans. 

3. Lose Well

Sometimes weight loss requires surgical medical intervention.  For people struggling with obesity, our bariatric weight loss program provides guidance and expertise about surgical solutions for returning patients to a healthy weight.  Being at a recommended weight reduces the odds of acquiring diabetes and serious heart problems.

4. Quit Smoking

One of the most important steps to take in improving health is to quit smoking.  But this is easier said than done.  Many people need an extra hand in quitting. Our Stop Smoking Now program is led by a clinical psychologist trained in smoking cessation. 

5. Breathe Easier

Is shortness of breath holding you back? You can start breathing easier with help from SMG’s Pulmonary Services.  Through comprehensive screenings and individualized care, our experts provide state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment of lung and airway conditions that cause shortness of breath, so you can breathe easy again.

6.  Take Heart

Fifty percent of Americans have a risk factor for heart disease, and most are unaware of it.    Our program of comprehensive cardiac screenings stops heart disease before it starts by spotting the early warning signs of heart problems.  SMG’s board-certified cardiology experts supply the information you need to understand your current cardiac health and future risk.

7. Sleep Better

Sleep is essential to health, but it can be disturbed by conditions such as sleep apnea, in which breathing stops during sleep for up to a minute.  When breathing stops, oxygen levels fall.  Sleep apnea can affect men, women and children.  The sleep specialists in our Sleep Disorders Center diagnose and treat sleep disorders so you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep again.

8.  Play Well

Play and exercise are essential to a healthy life.  Our orthopedic and sports medicine experts prevent as well as treat injuries related to sports and exercise.  If you have an orthopedic emergency such as a sprain, break or tear, you can get immediate and expert medical attention at SMG’s orthopedic urgent care centers.

9. When It’s Urgent

Medical emergencies happen at unexpected times. Urgent Care Centers are here to help. Summit Medical Group offers a fast, reliable alternative to hospital emergency department visits. From flues and sprained ankles  to abdominal pain, our Urgent Care Center locations all provide coordinated, convenient and comprehensive care when you need it most — with no appointment necessary!

10. Take the Fast Track

Need immediate medical care?  Our Fast Track service provides same-day appointments with nurse practitioners and physicians on short notice.

11. Caring for your kids

Our expert pediatricians are dedicated to the health of children and can care for them even after hours.  The Pediatric After-Hours Service  offers extended hours for infant, childhood, and adolescent health problems that cannot wait until routine office hours the following day.

12.  Freshen Your Look

Feeling good about your appearance is important to your overall sense of well-being.  Our cosmetic surgeons offer an array of treatments and procedures for face, skin and body to help make you the best you can be.  

13. Learn Well

SMG offers a wealth of information for Living Well.  Check out our free monthly e-newsletter, Thrive, to keep up to date with tips and information about staying healthy. 

14. Listen Well

Listen to one of the many podcasts on SMG Wellness Talks featuring our experts.  Our specialists explain the latest research and provide helpful tips in coping with every aspect of your family’s wellbeing from diabetes and heart condition to depression and seasonal health problems.

15.  Be a Healthy Senior

Older adults have special health needs.  Our skilled team of elder care experts in Geriatric Medicine provide holistic care that addresses all facets of the aging process, including social, psychological and functional issues. 

16. Give Well 

Give the gift of health to your community.  Consider a philanthropic donation to Summit Medical Group Foundation.  The Summit Medical Group Foundation's mission supports the long-term benefit of educating the next generation of health care professionals, promoting health and wellness, and investing in life-changing medical research.