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Exercising When You Travel

Although traveling during the holidays can make it difficult
to maintain your fitness routine,
continuing to exercise regularly can help ensure that you
enter the new year feeling and looking your best!

To continue your fitness when traveling:

  • Plot Your Plan
    Develop an exercise plan before you begin traveling, including scheduling your workout for the same time each day. If you’re visiting friends or relatives, let them know when you plan to exercise so that they can accommodate your schedule and share your workouts
  • Keep Clothes Convenient
    Pack your workout clothes and shoes at the top of your suitcase so they are the first thing you see when you unpack. Put them on top of a dresser or desk when you arrive as a visible reminder to workout
  • Favor Flexibility
    If you usually workout at but cannot get to a gym while traveling, walk, jog, run, or hike outside instead. If you usually exercise outside, visit a gym near your host's home. Many gyms are less busy over the holidays, making it easier for them to accommodate you with a temporary, reasonably-priced pass
  • Do DVDs
    Exercise DVDs are outstanding compact travel options for aerobics, karate, kickboxing, Pilates, strength training with bands and bodyweight, and yoga, among others. They are perfect for getting in a workout despite bad weather and limited space. The wide variety of DVDs makes it possible for you to choose workouts that are ideal for your needs and goals
  • Sneak in Steps
    Instead of taking an elevator, use stairs. If you’re visiting the mall or grocery store, park as far from the entrance as possible. While you’re shopping, take an extra lap or 2 around the mall. Maximizing your overall activity is a good way to help maintain your fitness during the holidays

Online Workouts

Both free and subscription workouts are available online to suit almost every fitness level. Deciding whether to choose a subscription or free service depends on your exercise needs as well as cost. The holidays are a great time to try out some of the online subscription exercise services through free trial offers and coupons, which are usually advertised on home pages.

Streaming videos from the Internet or Cloud requires a consistent Internet connection. If you won't have access to a reliable Internet connection while visiting family and friends, download videos you can play on your mobile device to avoid frustrating interruptions during your workout.

Free online exercise options include:

  • Blogilates, which offers engaging, high-intensity cardiovascular, Pilates, strength training, and toning workouts that range in duration
  • Fitness Blender, which offers 10-minute to 40-minute videos of low-impact cardio workouts, core fitness routines, or high-intensity interval training. You also can subscribe for 4-week and 8-week downloadable programs for a minimal fee
  • Jessica Smith. who offers engaging, upbeat exercise videos of varying levels and durations on her website as well as YouTube. Join Ms. Smith and her cute canine companion, Peanut, who's certified in sleeping, for a cheerful workout anywhere, anytime
  • Tone It Up®, which offers short, easy-to-follow exercises to tone specific areas. To get a complete workout that includes cardiovascular training and strength training, you need to workout to several videos
  • Turbulence Training, which offers high-intensity cardiovascular and strength training workouts on YouTube. Some Turbulence Training workouts include equipment, so be sure to check out what's needed before you travel. The tutorials can help you develop a full-length routine tailored to meet your goals
  • Zuzka Light, which offers high-intensity strengthening and toning workouts on YouTube. Short videos and tutorials are available for free on Zuzka's YouTube channel

Subscription online exercise options include:

  • Crunch Live, a national online gym, offers membership for as little as $9.99 per month. Crunch Live videos are formatted much like traditional exercise videos of the 80s and 90s, with an instructor and participants following along. You can choose from a variety of streamed exercise classes, including high-intensity strength training, cardiovascular workouts, Pilates, dance, and sculpting
  • Daily Burn, which streams yoga, dance, kettle bell, and strength training workouts that last from 15 to 60 minutes. Daily Burn also offers useful nutrition information to help you meet goals for weight loss and weight maintenance. Daily Burn rates vary, with its highest subscription at ~$25 per month. For the holidays, you can take advantage a 30-day free trial
  • Yoga Download, which offers downloadable and streamed 15-minute to 60-minute videos and audios of different levels and techniques. Monthly subscriptions range from $7.50 to $18, depending on the number of videos you download each month. You also can purchase individual videos for up to $8. If you know you will use the subscription long-term, a $90 yearly subscription makes good sense. There also are some brief (15-minute to 25-minute) free classes. If you're well versed in yoga, you can listen to the less-expensive audio isntructions on your MP3 player

Missing a workout or 2 while you're traveling won’t set back your fitness routine overall, but continuing to exercise over the holidays is one of the best things you can do to help prevent weight gain, ensure you sleep soundly, start the new year with a bright outlook, and feel fit from head to toe!