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Hospital Midwives, Lower C-Section Rates? November 16, 2017

Breathing Dirty Air May Raise Miscarriage Risk November 16, 2017

Diabetes May Be Driving High Rates of Breast Cancer in Black Women November 15, 2017

With Stress and Trauma Come Excess Weight November 14, 2017

Weighing Too Much or Too Little When Pregnant Can Be Risky November 14, 2017

Is Too Much Time Online Raising Suicide Risk in Teen Girls? November 14, 2017

Prolonged Breast-Feeding May Guard Against Teen Eczema November 13, 2017

Many Women Miss Out on Lifesaving CPR November 13, 2017

Know the Signs of Ovarian Cancer and Your Risks November 09, 2017

Low-Fat Diet May Cut Pancreatic Cancer Risk for Overweight Older Women November 09, 2017

Could Fish Oil, Vitamin D Help Ease Lupus? November 09, 2017

Risk of Breast Cancer's Return Can Linger for Decades November 08, 2017

IUD May Lower Cervical Cancer Risk November 07, 2017

Older Women Can 'Walk Away From the Grim Reaper' November 06, 2017

Health Tip: Supporting Breast-feeding Moms on the Job November 03, 2017

Options for the workplace

Even Advanced Breast Cancer Patients Gain From Exercise November 02, 2017

Improve Your Odds During Infertility Treatments November 01, 2017

U.S. Preemie Birth Rates Rise 2 Years in a Row November 01, 2017

Bad Hot Flashes, Sleep Apnea Often Go Together November 01, 2017

A Teen Mom's Stress May Harm Her Heart November 01, 2017

Breast-Feeding Bond Lingers for Mom October 31, 2017

Even Partial Breast-Feeding for First Few Months Lowers SIDS Risk October 31, 2017

High-Pesticide Produce Not the Best Recipe for Fertility October 30, 2017

Acetaminophen in Pregnancy Tied to ADHD Risk in Kids October 30, 2017

Health Tip: Sleep Train Your Baby October 30, 2017

Suggestions for success

Tiny Opioid Victims: Addicted Moms-to-Be Transmit Hepatitis C October 26, 2017

Could Cataract Surgery Lengthen Older Women's Lives? October 26, 2017

Many High-Risk Women Skip MRI Breast Cancer Screenings October 26, 2017

Joan Lunden's Breast Cancer Journey: 'You Feel So Vulnerable' October 26, 2017

Ob/Gyns Warn Against 'Vaginal Seeding' Trend for Newborns October 25, 2017

Transferring microbes from the mom to her infant born via C-section comes with infection risk

What You May Not Know About Ovarian Cancer October 24, 2017

Most cases start in the fallopian tubes, not the ovaries, study suggests

Breast Milk May Arrive Late for Obese New Moms October 24, 2017

Study finds delays beyond typical 3-day start to production in larger women

Summer Baby, Higher Odds for Postpartum Depression? October 23, 2017

Season of delivery and other factors may influence the risk, study finds

More Evidence That Depression Shortens Lives October 23, 2017

And women have been hit even harder than men over past decades, study finds

Incision Length Linked to Pain After Cesarean October 23, 2017

Too short or too long may up discomfort, study suggests

Lying Down After an Epidural: A Smart Idea? October 19, 2017

Study found it increased chances of having a normal delivery

1 in 5 Young Women Who Tan Indoors Get Addicted October 19, 2017

Depression and worries about appearance common in those who can't skip the tanning bed, study finds

HPV Vaccine Safe for Adult Women: Study October 18, 2017

Analysis of millions of recipients finds no link to 44 different illnesses

Weight-Loss Surgery May Curb Risk for Certain Cancers October 17, 2017

Endometrial and breast tumors were less likely among obese women who had the procedure

Is Blood Donated by Mothers Less Safe for Men? October 17, 2017

Death rate after transfusion was highest if donor had ever been pregnant, study suggests

Common Exercise Therapy May Not Help Women With Leaky Bladder October 17, 2017

AHT is widely used, but data review shows little evidence it really works

Breast Cancer More Lethal for Blacks Than Whites October 16, 2017

Higher death rate is largely due to insurance issues, but tumor types sometimes play a role, study finds

Women Falling Short on Birth Defect Prevention October 13, 2017

New survey finds too few are taking folic acid before pregnancy

More Women Choose Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy October 13, 2017

Report highlights dramatic increase, notable trends

Black Women Face Double the Risk of Pregnancy-Related Heart Failure October 13, 2017

But researchers don't know what's driving these racial differences yet

Breast Cancer Screenings Still Best for Early Detection October 12, 2017

Newer treatments, early diagnoses are improving outcomes for women with the disease, experts say

Talk Therapy May Help Menopause Woes October 11, 2017

Sleep problems, depression eased in small study

Trauma's Toll on a Woman's Heart October 11, 2017

Study found those who experienced 3 or more tragedies were more likely to have signs of cardiovascular trouble

Health Tip: Recognizing Symptoms of Ovarian Cysts October 11, 2017

What to look for

Study Debunks Notion That Epidurals Prolong Labor October 10, 2017

Women had similar outcomes whether they got the anesthetic or a 'dummy' placebo