Walter Cifuentes, PharmD

I am available for consultation with all SMG patients.
Phone number: 908-603-8959

Personal Notes:

In addition to dispensing medications and identifying possible drug interactions, Walter Cifuentes, PharmD, advises patients about the importance of preventive health measures such as immunizations. In some cases, he recommends cost-saving medication alternatives for patients and their physicians. He also counsels patients about financial resources that help them better manage expensive drug therapies.

Mr. Cifuentes became a pharmacist because he grew up in area with limited medical care. He notes, "My local pharmacist was a source of important health and medication information for my neighbors." He adds, "People often don't realize they can call their pharmacist for answers to questions about drug interactions and side effects. I believe the pharmacist's role includes all aspects of a patient's well-being. For this reason, I make a point of understanding my patients' health issues and medication lists. When patients leave my pharmacy," says Mr. Cifuentes, "I make sure they understand when and how to take their medication so they can get the greatest clinical benefits from it."

Mr. Cifuentes is a member of the American Pharmacist Association.

When he is not working with his clients, Mr. Cifuentes enjoys running, mountain biking, skiing, and spending time with his family.