Mayer, Michael, MD

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Personal Notes:

Before joining Summit Medical Group, Michael Mayer, MD, practiced privately in Edison, New Jersey. Dr. Mayer has been an attending physician in otolaryngology - head and neck surgery at JFK Medical Center in Edison and Rahway Medical Center in Rahway, New Jersey. 

Dr. Mayer chose the ear, nose, and throat specialty because he wanted to work with children and adults. He says, "I wanted to be a surgeon and work with my hands while also diagnosing challenging conditions and practicing in an office." He adds, "In addition to enjoying working with my colleagues as a team in the hospital, it's gratifying to develop long-term, trusting relationships with the patients I see in my office." Dr. Mayer notes that the practice of ear, nose, and throat medicine allows him to perform simple as well as complex procedures, including placing ear tubes to restore a patient's hearing as well as nasal and sinus surgery to improve a patient's breathing. In particular, he says that he is especially happy when parents tell him their child speaks better after having ear tubes to restore hearing and after tonsil surgery and adenoid surgery improve their child's sleep and school performance. "After more than 15 years in practice," he says, "the reasons I chose the ear, nose, and throat specialty are the same reasons that fuel my continued enthusiasm for my field!" Dr. Mayer says that he feels gratified when parents tell him their children speak better after they have had tubes placed in their ears to restore hearing and after tonsil surgery and adenoid surgery

When he is not working with his patients, Dr. Mayer enjoys skiing, playing tennis, and spending time with his children.

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