Personal Notes:

Certified Diabetes Educator, Mary C. Friesz, PhD, RD, CDE, specializes in medical nutrition for people with diabetes. Dr. Friesz has more than 25 years' experience educating patients about diabetes, including diabetes management through nutrition, exercise, and weight control. Her expertise includes lifestyle-based wellness plans involving nutrition and exercise.

Before joining Summit Medical Group, Dr. Friesz practiced privately with Designs for Healthy Lifestyles in South Florida. She also has practiced with the Family Practice and Counseling Network in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Pediatric Endocrinology Consultants in Margate, Florida.

Dr. Friesz says, "I encourage my patients to gradually adopt healthy lifestyle practices so the changes are manageable. I believe this approach helps empower patients to continue their healthy behaviors long term." 

A gifted teacher, Dr. Friesz has taught undergraduate courses in the health sciences. She has delivered invited presentations on health and wellness. 

When she is not working with her patients, Dr. Friesz enjoys spending time with her family, watching her son play hockey, walking her dogs, and writing about fitness and nutrition.

I help patients with:

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