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Matthew A. Amarante, MD is a member of Summit Medical Group's Neurosurgery team. Dr. Amarante is a fellowship-trained neurosurgeon with a specific focus on spinal disorders. He treats many intracranial conditions, including tumors, hydrocephalus, and trauma, as well as degenerative spinal conditions, spinal tumors and cysts, and chronic pain. In addition to routine procedures, Dr. Amarante has extensive training in cutting-edge techniques and technologies used to treat more complicated spinal conditions, including minimally invasive surgery. He received CAST accreditation in spinal surgery during his fellowship year. Dr. Amarante is also experienced in spinal cord stimulation for chronic pain, vagal nerve stimulation for epilepsy, and treating peripheral nerve disorders.

In addition to his innate desire to help others, Dr. Amarante has long been fascinated by science and technology. During his first year of medical school, he was pleased to discover that neurosurgery was a field where he could combine both those interests, and he quickly embraced both the complexity of brain and spine surgery and the delicate touch required to heal his patients.

He notes, “As a neurosurgeon, I’m often encountering patients during the most difficult of times, so getting to know them and their concerns, not just their condition, is a big part of my job.” He adds, “I keep an open line of communication and work to build trust with the patient and their family, so that I can guide them comfortably through both the decision-making and treatment processes.”

While in residency, Dr. Amarante participated in numerous research studies and has co-authored several articles in peer-reviewed publications. He spent a year conducting laboratory research at the Neural Stem Cell Institute, studying the mechanisms of spinal cord injury and potential therapeutic options.   Dr. Amarante is a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons.

Dr. Amarante is a native of New Jersey and is thrilled to have the opportunity to come back to the area to practice neurosurgery. Outside of work, Dr. Amarante enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, and their family dog; taking walks around the neighborhood and trips to the beach.

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