Lawrence S. Meyers, MD

Dr. Meyers will retire August 31, 2020. Please call the office for transfer of care.

Personal Notes:

Lawrence S. Meyers, MD, specializes in diagnosing, managing, and treating a wide range of dermatologic diseases and conditions.

Dr. Meyers has practiced privately since 1984. He initially practiced in underserved areas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Dr. Meyers is Former Clinical Associate Professor at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Dr. Meyers says, ""My practice is rooted in science and compassion, seeking excellence." He adds, "I believe the skin reflects and affects overall health. For this reason, I work with a medical team when necessary to ensure that my patients get the comprehensive care they need to protect and maintain their health. In addition, I educate my patients about their disease/condition and respect their decisions about their health care. I partner with my patients to identify treatment options that address their unique needs."

Dr. Meyers’s articles and abstracts are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, including International Journal of DermatologyJournal of the American Academy of Dermatology, and Annals of Gastroenterology. He has delivered local and regional invited presentations in his field.

Dr. Meyers is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and a member of the New Jersey Dermatologic Society, Dermatology Foundation, Union County Medical Society, and New Jersey Medical Society. He is a recipient of the American Academy of Dermatology Continuing Medical Education Award. He is a former New Jersey State Chair of the National Psoriasis Foundation President's Council.

When he is not working with his patients, Dr. Meyers enjoys spending time with his family, his 2 dogs, and his cat.

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