Lauren Kennish, MD

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Personal Notes:

Lauren Kennish, MD, is a member of the American College of Rheumatology. She is a recipient of the American College of Rheumatology Paula DeMerieux Award and New York University School of Medicine Samuel Spiegel Award for academic achievement.

"There are many effective treatment options with which to help patients and improve the quality of their lives," says Dr. Kennish. "For this reason, it's an especially exciting time to be a rheumatologist." Dr. Kennish adds, "In addition to partnering with my patients in decisions about their treatment, I focus on comprehensive care, making my patients feel comfortable overall, and educating my patients about their condition and treatments. It's also very important to me to develop the relationships I have with my patients. I believe that considering them as a whole is important in making the most of their treatment."

When she is not working with her patients, Dr. Kennish enjoys yoga, dining, and travel.

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