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Joanne Owsiak, MD is a member of Summit Medical Group's Interventional Pain Management team. Dr. Owsiak is a board certified anesthesiologist who specializes in chronic pain management. She diagnoses and treats a variety of pain conditions, including spine conditions, post-laminectomy surgery syndrome, facet mediated pain and other joint related pain, complex regional pain syndrome, neuropathic pain, and various other pain disorders. Dr. Owsiak has a special interest in spine-related conditions and neuromodulation therapy. She utilizes a comprehensive approach to treat chronic pain. A multimodal treatment plan including physical therapy, medication therapy, and interventional therapy provides patients with a variety of treatment options.

Dr. Owsiak strives to provide care that allows her patients to become more functional and able to do the things they enjoy most. “Chronic pain conditions can be both physically and emotionally debilitating,” says Dr. Owsiak. “So, I take time to listen closely in order to better understand my patients’ chronic pain symptoms and how those symptoms affect their day-to-day lives.”

When she is not working, Dr. Owsiak enjoys spending time with family and traveling.

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