Jaimie Gilbert, MSN, APN, FNP-C

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Personal Notes:

Jaimie Gilbert, MSN, APN, FNP-C is a member of Summit Medical Group's Family Medicine team. As a Family Medicine nurse practitioner, Ms. Gilbert sees a variety of patients, young to old. She places strong emphasis on preventive medicine and catching conditions before they become difficult to treat. “If my patients are well educated about living a healthy lifestyle, they will feel more empowered and be more likely to properly manage both common and critical conditions,” says Ms. Gilbert.

Prior to joining Summit Medical Group, Ms. Gilbert worked for over six years as an RN in an acute hospital setting on the neurology and respiratory floors. She remains passionate about her COPD patients and will continue to support and advocate for them throughout her career.

Ms. Gilbert loves to travel and adventure to new places. Her favorite memory is an eight-night camping trip with her father, where she got to raft down the Colorado River.

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