Irene Manthi, ATC

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Personal Notes:

Irene Manthi, ATC is a member of Summit Medical Group's Physical Therapy team. Ms. Manthi has expertise in the treatment, rehabilitation, and emergency care of the athletic population, including high school and college athletes who have sports-related injuries. She is experienced in treating minor cuts and abrasions, ankle sprains, concussions, and fractures. “In addition to treating injuries and returning patients to their pre-injury condition, I am passionate about injury prevention and work to educate my patients about how to reduce chances for injury to improve their overall quality of life,” says Ms. Manthi. She also has experiencing educating patients about sports-related drugs abuse and even mental health.

When not caring for patients, Ms. Manthi enjoys dancing and on occasion commutes into NYC for a class. She also enjoys the summer months when she can spend time relaxing at the beach.

I help patients with:

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