Amy Dougan, PT, DPT

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Personal Notes:

Amy Dougan, PT, DPT is a member of Summit Medical Group's Physical Therapy team. Ms. Dougan sees patients eight years and older who present with orthopedic conditions, vestibular conditions, and generalized balance impairments including individuals with Parkinson's disease. 

Ms. Dougan has a passion for vestibular rehabilitation, including evaluating and treating benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, uni- and bilateral vestibular hypofunction, Meniere's disease, and general balance and dizziness disorders. She is LSVT Big certified® which allows her to work with individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease to promote improved mobility, balance, safety, and ease with activities of daily living including dressing, writing, and transferring. 

Ms. Dougan strives to provide individualized, holistic care based on each patient’s needs with a specific focus on patient education. She believes knowledge is power and that education allows patients to gain better understanding of their condition while learning the tools required for self-management and health maintenance. Ms. Dougan also places strong emphasis on nutrition as it pertains to health and recovery stating, “Nutrition plays a key role in the healing process. I aim to be a positive role model by keeping a balanced diet myself, and I enjoy sharing new healthy recipes I’ve tried from the vegetables I grow in my garden.”

Ms. Dougan helps patients achieve their best quality of life and looks forward to spending quality time helping them work toward their physical therapy goals. “It is important to me that a patient recovers quickly so they can return to the activities that make them happy.”

Ms. Dougan volunteers at Roots and Wings, an organization that provides young adults who age out of New Jersey’s foster care system with safe housing, case management, education, counseling, and life skills in order to empower them toward self-sufficiency. She also enjoys triathlons and has completed a few Half Ironman’s.  In her spare time, she likes to camp, hike, rock climb and ski. 

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