Adrianne M. Barron, MSW, LSW

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Personal Notes:

​Adrianne M. Barron, MSW, LSW has extensive experience working with children and their families.  Ms. Barron has worked in the New York City homeless shelter system, Visiting Nursing Services Community Mental Health Department, and as a School Social Worker in the NJ Public Schools.  She specialized in preventing psychiatric hospitalization of children, and is an expert in crisis resolution, problem solving, and teaching other life skills. Ms. Barron also assisted parents who were suffering from anxiety or depression and provided counseling to help families cope with and adjust to having a child with a disability.

As a school social worker, Ms. Barron provided the supportive services necessary to allow all students to make the best use of their educational opportunities and to develop their individual potential to the fullest extent.  Her position as a school social worker has provided the foundation for her most recent position as Social Work Care Manager at the Summit Medical Group.  Ms. Barron embodies going the distance for all her patients, and remains in constant pursuit of achieving their goals.

When not working with patients, Ms. Barron enjoys planning and organizing community events in fun and creative ways with her family.