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"I'm so happy I met Dr. Oza! I was suffering with severe back pain for 4 months and he was most understanding and considerate. He took a lot of time listening to my problem and did all he could do th help. Dr. Oza would get on the phone with me anytime I called to give me advice. Trying to save me from surgery, he recommended a range of treatment. I'm sure Summit Medical Group is very proud to have a true humanitarian and great doctor on staff. After all his efforts, he advised surgery. I accepted his advice and I am extremely happy with the results. Thank you, Dr. Oza!"
—Vicki Pisani

"Summit Medical Group is a dream come true! From the highly skilled medical staff to the convenience of having all my related medical services located in the same facility, every aspect of my experience as a patient has been highlighted with caring and professional staff and exemplary patient care.


Dr. Linda Lee detected an abnormality on a routine CAT scan, after which I was referred to Dr. Farshad Abir. Within a week, I had an appointment with Dr. Abir and was scheduled for a colonoscopy. Although I was extremely anxious, I was deeply impressed with the compassionate care I received from Dr. Abir and his nurse, Pat. Although surgery was necessary, I felt complete assurance as Dr. Abir and his staff patiently walked me through every step of the process. My follow-up care included a consultation with Dr. Jennifer Reeder. She was very thorough and gave me all the time I needed to discuss my treatment options in detail."

—Marilyn Zeman


"Dr. Khalil is an excellent doctor. She is very patient and takes her time to thoroughly examine [me]. The staff who work with Dr. Khalil are very friendly, polite, and professional. I would recommend Dr. Khalil and her office to everyone. She is trustworthy. I was seen on time and got the best treatment I've ever had at any doctors' office. I had a great experience and I will certainly come back!"

—Nancy Ragheb


"Although I had no symptoms, reports from the Summit Medical Group lab showed I had elevated blood calcium levels. After ruling out other causes, Dr. Yatrakis referred me to Dr. Bauman in Endocrinology who ordered a bone density and nuclear scan that confirmed a tumor on my parathyroid. The hyperactive parathyroid was silently depleting the calcium in my bones, causing significant osteoporosis. Dr. Bauman referred me to a thyroid surgeon who removed the gland. If it had gone undetected, I undoubtedly would have had serious repercussions. Now my blood calcium levels have returned to normal and my bone density continues to improve.


Since then, my husband also has become a Summit Medical Group patient. We have had excellent experiences with Summit Medical Group physicians, surgeons, and clinicians. The convenient hours, attractive facilities, and caring and professional treatment we receive has made every one of our encounters pleasant. We've become staunch advocates of the Summit Medical Group physicians and services and have recommended [the Group] to many friends!"

—Kristine Adams



"Dear Dr. Wax and Nurses,

Thank you for all you did for my sister Margie. She received the gift of 9 years because of your medical care. She had a good quality of life and lived to see 2 sons marry and 3 grandchildren born. I am so grateful you were her doctor and nurses!
God bless!"
—Pat Dotzauer
"Dear Dr. Wax and the Oncology staff,
As a friend of Marge Margiotta's, I want to thank you for the great care, encouragement, and support you provided for Marge during the 9 years of her cancer treatment. She loved each of you and was grateful for your kindness and professional and personal care. You are amazing! She looked forward to seeing you and catching up with your lives, despite her difficult treatment.
You helped her fight and live and die with dignity. Marge was an amazing woman and we will miss her. I know she is free and happy now and praying for all of us and our needs. God bless you in your ministry."
—Helen O'Mullan
"I used to have to go all the way to the city for the level of care I get at Summit Medical Group. Now Dr. Ben-Menachem is at Summit Medical Group, he is in my backyard! I am thrilled! I have heard from many people that he is the guy to go to for my issues!"
—Sheila Bouri
93 year-old patient William Zilka wrote us with his definition of Summit Medical Group nurses:


A   Able, amiable

B  Busy, bright

C  Caring, cheerful, calm

D  Dependable, dedicated

E  Enjoyable, energetic, efficient, experienced

F  Friendly, faithful, fearless

G Gifted

H  Happy, helpful

I    Interesting, interested

J   Jolly

K  Knowledgeable, kind

L   Likeable

M   Mannerly

N   Neat

O   Open minded

P   Patient

Q   Quick

R   Reliable

S   Sociable, sincere

T   Trusting, truthful

U   Upbeat, understanding

V   Visible, valuable

W  Welcome

X   X'tra helpful

Y   Youthful

Z   Zealous



"Dr. Parziale is the finest internist I have ever seen. He is caring, concerned, intelligent, and hard working! I have been an RN for 45 years and he is absolutely the best! His nurse Susanna Shevardnadze is wonderful as are Marie Peters and Carol Stromko and Diane Potter. From the minute I walk into the office, everyone cares about me! I always get an immediate response, pleasant manner, and a professional atmosphere of patient care from the entire office!"

—Nora Johnson



"I brought my mom and dad to the Urgent Care Center. As we drove up, I noticed a guy in a red shirt help a lady out of a wheelchair and into her car. I asked the man if he could help my dad out of our car and into Urgent Care. The man, a nurse named Neil, was totally positive! He carried my dad out of the car and put him in the wheelchair. This might sound simple, but my dad was in extreme pain and had no sense of balance, so what Neil did to help my dad into that wheelchair was amazing! He was so strong and assertive, kind, knowledgeable, and in charge. I can't describe how relieved we were to have him there. He reminded me of what my dad was like many years ago. He was awesome!

We had OUTSTANDING care in Urgent Care and Imaging. Everyone was truly wonderful. I will never forget Neil's strength, stamina, and kind and gentle spirit with my dad. Neil, you are special and deserve to be commended for going above and beyond! I will never forget your professionalism and humanity. God bless you!"

—Lynn Eckel O'Neill


"After my son, Tyler, injured his back during a football game, we saw Dr. Kupershtein at the Summit Medical Group Spine Surgery Center. Dr. Kupershtein and his staff have been wonderful through the whole experience. My son, my husband, and I have been treated with the utmost respect, professionalism, and courtesy. Tyler had a multitude of tests, including multiple x-rays, and MRI, CT scan, and bone scan. He also had to see the doctor repeatedly. Dr. Kupershtein and his staff, especially Stephanie, and the Imaging staff did all they could to make things easier for Tyler and us. They scheduled appointments at times to help minimize Tyler's absence from school and they have seen Tyler at almost a moment's notice when he had sudden new and frightening symptoms. Most of all, they treated Tyler like a person and not just a kid! We recognize Dr. Kupershtein, Stephanie, and all the staff at Summit Medical Group for their professionalism and care during this experience!"

—Donna Chaillet


"A few weeks ago, I was not feeling well and went to the Urgent Care Center. When I walked in, the nurses who cared for me immediately put me at ease. They knew how scared I was and were very kind to me. I was very impressed with the care I received!


My husband had to visit Urgent Care for a medication reaction. The 2 nurses who cared for him, Tina and Lois, were truly like angels. They were so kind and comforting to both my husband and me. They made an extremely scary situation easier by explaining everything to us, and their patience meant more than I can tell you. We feel very fortunate and thankful that Summit Medical Group is so close and convenient when we need help! Thank you for your excellent staff!"

—Mary Schiano


"I had spine surgery in 2009, and a nurse named Alicia walked me through the entire process with compassion and grace. She answered my questions directly and was always truthful and kind. I am back at the Spine Surgery Center for what might be another surgery with Dr. Kupershtein. Alicia has again been patient with me, listening to my questions, waiting for me to regain my composure when I'm upset, and helping me get the tests I need.


I am grateful to have Summit Medical Group and a special person like Alicia who takes extra steps with me without expecting anything in return!"

—Kathy Hefele


"I visited the Ambulatory Surgery Center at Summit Medical Group with my son for his broken nose. Dr. Le Benger reset it. The experience could not have been better! Everyone was kind and caring and really wonderful to my son, my wife, and me!"

—Joe Bernard


"I recently had carpal tunnel repair surgery with Dr. Momeni. It was a seamlessly orchestrated procedure from beginning to end. The staff and nurses who guided me as well as Dr. Momeni and Dr. Naturman helped me it the best possible experience. Dr. Oza, who performed the nerve testing, is a good guy with a talent for making people laugh while administering tests. As a nurse practitioner, I appreciate your professionalism, anticipatory guidance, and attention to detail. My husband, Roy, and I are big fans and have told the world!!!"

—Jo A. Nuzzo​


“When I went for my semiannual physical at Summit Medical Group, my new internist, Dr. Marla Abramson recommended that I see a dermatologist. I saw Dr. Naheed Abbassi, a dermatologist on your staff, who discovered a basal cell carcinoma on my face. I’m happy to report that it has been removed and I’m now in good health! Although I’m a relatively new patient at Summit Medical Group, I feel confident with the thorough range of medical services you offer, including Healthy Connections, which I read cover to cover.”

—Camille Cormier


“I get the overall vibe that Dr. Jeff Le Benger truly cares how his patients feel. I’ve never felt like just another job, face, or appointment when I see him.”

—Kristen Keich

“As a meeting planner, I travel for business and occasionally splurge on spa services. I was especially interested to learn about [therapeutic] massage at Summit Medical Group Integrative Medicine. If there’s an affordable way to combine massage with alternative medicine for the chronic pain I experience in my neck and shoulders, sign me up!”

“Summit Medical Group accepted my insurance for mammograms and enabled me to continue having important cancer screenings. For this I am grateful.”

—Pamela Kenworthy

Dr. Momeni is an amazing surgeon! He performed a couple of procedures on me and has helped me regain some self esteem I’ve lost.

Dr. Nelson has referred me for medical issues that I didn’t think anything of at the time. One of his concerns was the lymph nodes in my neck, which I’ve had and ignored most of my life. Dr. Nelson suggested I see Dr. Jeff Le Benger, who diagnosed me with thyroid cancer. I felt very lucky my doctors caught this cancer. My outlook is optimistic and I have a lot to be thankful for— Summit Medical Group is on the top of my list!”

Cynthia Kunsman


"I have had severe allergies and sinus problems for 75 years.  Therefore, I have seen many doctors over those years. I am deeply and most sincerely thankful for Dr. Fleming who gave me excellent care after other "ENT's", outside of Summit Medical Group, did or could not.  Dr. Fleming is an outstanding doctor who provided me with great care and resolution of my problem. 

Dr. Fleming is the best of the best and I am thankful beyond complimentary words for his care."

Christopher Wood 

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