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Electronic Prescription Program

Summit Medical Group has implemented an electronic prescription program, TouchWorks® Rx+. The ePrescribing system features valuable general as well as patient-specific medication information and allows physicians to immediately send prescriptions to patients’ preferred pharmacies. Prescriptions also can be printed and given to patients during their office visits.

Patient Safety
According to a recent Institute of Medicine study, medication errors harm 1.5 million patients each year. ePrescribing allows health care organizations to create a centralized database where physicians may access information about:

  • Drug interactions
  • Dosing
  • Duplicate therapy
  • Disease-state drug interactions
  • Commonly prescribed medications by diagnosis
  • Patients’ previous adverse reactions
  • Patients’ allergies
  • Patients’ problems that might influence prescribing

Because the information can be accessed promptly and easily reviewed, physicians can know immediately what medications are appropriate for their patients.

Advantages for Patients

  • Improves patient safety by protecting them allergic reactions and harmful drug interactions
  • Eliminates wait time at the pharmacy
  • Stores prescription information for quick refills
  • Captures patients’ pharmacies in a single location so that every refill request can easily and quickly be verified

Advantages for Physicians

  • Helps ensure patient safety regarding drug allergies and interactions
  • Saves valuable office time, allowing physicians more time to focus on their patients
  • Encourages customized dosing
  • Stores a physician’s prescribing preferences for easy refills
  • Provides patients’ comprehensive medication list in a single location
  • Provides medication renewal dates that encourages physicians to proactively review prescriptions and remind patients about when to refill them
  • Ensures that all prescriptions are legible, reducing errors and pharmacy calls

Prescription for Positive Change
To date, patients who have used ePrescribing through Summit Medical Group have embraced the system. The safe, effective, and efficient program reassures patients that Summit Medical Group values patients' time and reinforces our commitment to patient health and safety.