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Force, Frequency of Head Hits Jump as Young Football Players Get Older June 27, 2017

Findings confirm that these injuries are linked to level of play

6 Out of 7 Possible Concussions May Have Been Missed in 2014 World Cup June 27, 2017

Players should be assessed using soccer group's international recommendations

What Is 'Moderate' Exercise Anyway? June 27, 2017

How to figure out the best intensity for you

Health Tip: Create a Food-and-Activity Journal June 27, 2017

It can help overall health and weight loss

Health Tip: Exercise During Menopause June 27, 2017

It helps combat these common problems

Health Tip: Get Fit Without the Gym June 26, 2017

You can be active virtually anywhere

Health Tip: Basic Beach Safety June 26, 2017

How to stay safer

Being Thin Could Boost Stress Fracture Risk in Female Runners June 23, 2017

Researcher says less muscle mass can make leg bones more vulnerable to injury

Guided Exercise May Help Chronic Fatigue Patients: Study June 23, 2017

Little by little, patients step up activity levels as an expert coaches via phone or online video

Lifestyle Changes Might Prevent or Slow Dementia June 22, 2017

The public should be aware of this encouraging research, expert says

Health Tip: Become an Active Family June 21, 2017

Small changes add up

Americans Want to Be Fit, But Most Don't Put in the Effort June 20, 2017

Survey finds three-quarters think appearance is 'very important,' yet only 31 percent work out regularly

Yoga Soothes Back Pain in Study June 19, 2017

Age-old practice did as good a job as physical therapy, but neither was a cure for all patients

Why Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation Are Good for You June 19, 2017

Mind-body interventions reverse DNA reactions that cause stress, study suggests

Give Dad the Gift of Health on Father's Day June 16, 2017

Exercise with him, let him get some extra sleep, men's health expert says

High-Intensity Exercise May Be Bad for the Bowels June 16, 2017

Hydration and proper food intake might help prevent gut trouble, researcher says

Are U.S. Teens Now as Inactive as 60-Year-Olds? June 16, 2017

The lack of exercise more evident among females than males, study says

Want a Workout for Mind and Body? Hop on Your Bike June 15, 2017

Cycling benefits your heart, muscles, waistline and disposition, experts say

Horse Therapy Could Rein In Stroke's Damage Years Later June 15, 2017

Study found animal's movement improved gait, balance for survivors

'Couch Potatoes' May Face Higher Risk of Kidney, Bladder Cancers June 15, 2017

Researchers say get moving, and point to national exercise guidelines

Choosing a Personal Trainer June 12, 2017

Ask questions to find the right fit

Even Your Bones Can Get Fat, Mouse Study Suggests June 09, 2017

But running rodents improved their bone quality in just weeks, researchers say

NBA Players' Late-Night Tweets May Be Bad for Their Game: Study June 09, 2017

Those who posted turned in a poorer performance the next day; lack of sleep the likely culprit

Boys More Likely to Hide a Concussion Than Girls June 09, 2017

Study of high school athletes suggests fear of looking 'weak' might play a role

Fido May Be a Fit Senior's Best Friend June 09, 2017

Study finds walking a dog helps older people meet goals for moderate to vigorous exercise

Sharp Eyes Can Make Soccer Players Sharp Shooters June 09, 2017

They outperform non-athletes on certain vision tests, study says

Marathon Runs Won't Harm Your Arteries June 08, 2017

Age, not mileage, predicted hardening of vessels in study sample

Guard Against This Little-Known Swimming Danger June 08, 2017

Electric shock in water can kill unless you take precautions with nearby wiring

Health Tip: Keep Germs Out of Pool Water June 08, 2017

Suggestions to help you swim safer

Working Workouts Into Your Life June 07, 2017

No, web surfing doesn't count!

Implantable Defibrillator May Not Mean End to Sports June 05, 2017

Risks for athletes might be lower than once believed, study says

Health Tip: Get Your Workout on a Mountain Bike June 05, 2017

Here's what to do

The Cost of Bike Crashes in U.S. Tops $24 Billion a Year June 02, 2017

Study suggests more street accidents, older bikers are boosting expenses

Compression Tights Won't Trim Running Times June 02, 2017

While they kept muscles from vibrating, fatigue still set in, study finds

Brush Up on Swim Safety for Summer May 29, 2017

Pediatricians' group offers tips on how to protect kids by the pool, lake or ocean

Health Tip: Don't Fear Strength Training May 29, 2017

Some lifting guidelines

Adults Who Love Exercise May Gain 9 'Biological' Years May 26, 2017

Regular jogging and other pursuits delay cellular aging, study finds

Supercharging Exercise With Interval Training May 25, 2017

More results in less time

Health Tip: Warm Up Before You Work Out May 25, 2017

You'll thank yourself later

Health Tip: Don't Let Your Workout Get Stale May 24, 2017

Suggestions to keep it fresh and effective

3 Key Lifestyle Factors Can Lower Breast Cancer Odds May 23, 2017

Stay trim, exercise and cut back on drinking, review findings suggest

Anabolic Steroids May Tax the Heart May 22, 2017

Weight-lifters using the synthetic hormones have lower pumping capacity, study finds

Time to Take Your Workouts Outside May 22, 2017

Making the switch from indoors to outdoors as the weather warms up

Yoga, Meditation May Ease Some Breast Cancer Symptoms May 19, 2017

But study into alternative therapies didn't find evidence to support using dietary supplements

The Water's Not Fine: U.S. Pool-Linked Infection Doubles in 2 Years May 18, 2017

Cryptosporidiosis can cause weeks of watery diarrhea, CDC warns

This Combo Workout May Suit Obese Seniors Best May 17, 2017

Aerobic-plus-resistance regimen boosts bone and muscles, study shows

Just 2 Weeks on the Couch Can Trigger Body's Decline May 17, 2017

Constant daily activity vital to optimal health, lifestyle experts say

Angela Bassett Puts the Spotlight on Heart Health May 16, 2017

Award-winning actress' mother had type 2 diabetes and died from heart issues

Bike Fanatics Shouldn't Worry About Effects on Sexual Health May 15, 2017

Any transient discomfort or numbness won't harm their sexual or urinary function, study finds

Getting Back on Track With Exercise May 15, 2017

Suggested steps on the path to fitness