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FDA Approves Hep C Drugs for Kids 12 and Older April 07, 2017

Previously allowed only for adults

Infections More Common in People With Schizophrenia April 04, 2017

Ills include HIV, hepatitis and the serious blood infection sepsis, study suggests

Hepatitis Infection May Raise Risk for Parkinson's Disease March 30, 2017

New study adds to evidence that these conditions might be linked somehow

Better Efforts Could Help Rid the U.S. of Hepatitis B, C: Report March 28, 2017

Plus, 90,000 fewer deaths would occur by 2030, study authors estimate

New Hepatitis C Drugs Might Eliminate the Disease March 20, 2017

But not everyone responds completely to the medicines and cost remains a big obstacle, researchers say

Baby Boomers Get an 'F' for Hep C Testing March 08, 2017

Screening rates for the dangerous virus remain low despite recommendations, study finds

U.S. Vaccine Guidelines for Flu, HPV Updated February 07, 2017

CDC panel revises immunization advisory for vaccines affecting adults

Use of Needle Exchange Programs Up Dramatically in 10 Years: CDC November 30, 2016

Yet, many drug users still share needles sometimes, report finds

Serious Infections Tied to Suicide Risk August 10, 2016

Danish study finds greater association in those hospitalized with HIV or hepatitis

Sharing Drug 'Snorting Straws' Spreads Hepatitis C July 27, 2016

Study highlights more fallout from opioid epidemic

Epclusa Approved for Chronic Hepatitis C June 28, 2016

Combination drug treats six major forms of HCV

Hepatitis C Patients More Likely to Drink, Study Finds May 25, 2016

And researchers say alcohol can worsen the chronic liver condition

Hepatitis C Now Leading Infectious Disease Killer in U.S. May 04, 2016

CDC notes that nearly 20,000 Americans died in 2014 from the widespread, but treatable, illness

Generic Hepatitis C Drugs as Effective as Pricey Brand Names: Study April 18, 2016

Inexpensive antivirals could be a game-changer in many countries, researchers say

Hepatitis C Therapy May Reduce Need for Liver Transplants April 14, 2016

If findings are confirmed, treatment could cut number of patients on waiting lists, researchers say

Hepatitis C-Infected Liver Transplants May Work Well for Those With the Virus April 14, 2016

Findings might help reduce organ waiting list, researchers say

Head and Neck Cancers May Be Linked to Hepatitis C April 13, 2016

Researcher sees need for improved screening, treatment

Ridding U.S. of Hepatitis B, C as 'Public Health Problem' Possible: Experts April 11, 2016

Vaccine for hepatitis B and drugs that cure hepatitis C infection are giving health officials new hope

U.S. Cancer Death Rate Continues to Fall March 09, 2016

But there's been a concerning increase in liver cancer, experts say

Zepatier Approved for Chronic Hepatitis C January 29, 2016

Liver disease affects some 3 million Americans

Hepatitis C Reported at 19 Dialysis Clinics: CDC January 28, 2016

Health officials blame lapses in infection control practices

Hepatitis C May Be Tied to Greater Risk for Parkinson's Disease December 23, 2015

People with the virus also nearly 30 percent more likely to develop the nervous system disorder, researchers say

Not Enough Needle Exchange Programs Outside Cities: Study December 10, 2015

Half of all injection drug users live in rural, suburban areas

Pricey Hepatitis C Drugs Denied to Almost Half of Medicaid Patients: Study November 24, 2015

But another study shows treating all infections would save more than $3 billion in long run

Screening Inmates for Hepatitis C Benefits General Community: Study November 23, 2015

Routine testing could prevent transmission, reduce health care costs, researcher says

In Rare Cases, Hepatitis C Drug Tied to Slowed Heart Rate: Study November 04, 2015

But experts say these types of medications have good safety profile

Illnesses, Deaths Spur FDA Warning on Hepatitis C Drugs October 23, 2015

Cautionary label will be added to Viekira Pak and Technivie, agency says

HIV Therapy May Also Lower Risk for Hepatitis B, Study Says October 12, 2015

But researchers add that it's critical to expand vaccination base

Many Americans Traveling Abroad Lack Key Vaccinations: Study October 09, 2015

Outbreaks of measles, hepatitis A could be prevented if people were fully immunized, researchers say

Liver Damage From Hepatitis C More Widespread Than Thought August 27, 2015

If left undetected, it can lead to liver failure and even death, study authors note

More Hepatitis C Cases Being Seen in Urban ERs August 07, 2015

Researchers note emergency room doctors could play a role in slowing spread of potentially deadly virus

Technivie Approved for Hepatitis C July 24, 2015

For people with a genetic subtype of the liver infection

Most U.S. Hepatitis C Infections May Be Missed: Study June 30, 2015

In one state, only one from 183 diagnosed cases met reporting criteria for CDC

Experimental Drug Combo Shows Promise Against Hepatitis C May 05, 2015

Drug trio could join newer, highly effective meds such as Sovaldi, Harvoni

Drug-Related HIV Outbreak Spurs Nationwide Alert April 24, 2015

More than 140 cases of the AIDS-causing virus reported in rural Indiana

Cheap Allergy Drug May Hold Potential as Hepatitis C Treatment April 08, 2015

Lab tests suggest over-the-counter antihistamine could offer alternative to pricey new drugs

HIV-Infected People Often Do Well After Kidney Transplant April 03, 2015

Refuting common wisdom, research shows that these patients fared better than those with hepatitis C

FDA Warns of Cardiac Effect When Heart Drug Mixed With Hepatitis C Meds March 25, 2015

Adding Harvoni or Sovaldi to amiodarone could cause dangerous slowing of heart rate, agency says

HIV Patients May Fare as Well as Others With Kidney Transplants March 19, 2015

But study also found that survival rates were lower if organ recipient also had hepatitis C

Hepatitis C Drugs Will 'Strain Budgets' at Current Prices: Study March 16, 2015

The new therapies have remarkably high cure rates

Chinese Researchers Report Successful Hepatitis E Vaccine March 04, 2015

New immunization offers nearly 5 years of protection, experts say

Hepatitis C Infections in Hospitals Show Need for Tight Infection Control Practices February 27, 2015

In both cases, there were breaches in safety rules, CDC reports

Many With Hepatitis C Missing Out on Treatment, Study Finds January 11, 2015

Without proper care, infection can lead to liver failure

Drug Regimen Cures Hepatitis C in Most Liver Transplant Patients in Study November 14, 2014

Researchers say treatment has fewer side effects and less risk of rejection, too

Report: Fewer U.S. Hospitalizations for Hepatitis A November 08, 2014

Viral infection comes from contaminated food, water or contact with infected person

Vaccine for Hepatitis C Inches Closer to Reality November 05, 2014

First human tests looked at safety

Pricey Hepatitis Drug a Good Bet in U.S. Prisons, Study Says October 20, 2014

Researchers conclude Sovaldi is cost-effective

FDA OKs Once-a-Day Drug for Chronic Hepatitis C October 10, 2014

Harvoni, a combination pill, blocks enzymes that virus needs to multiply

Hepatitis C Could Become Rare Disease in 20 Years: Study August 04, 2014

Newer medications, better screening would fuel the trend, researcher says

Hepatitis C Infection May Have 'Silver Lining' for Transplant Patients June 25, 2014

Infected people who need new organ might have less need for immune-suppressing drugs, study finds