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Substance Abuse Taxes the American Workplace March 24, 2017

Survey, analysis reveal the full cost of employees addicted to alcohol, painkillers and other drugs

Many Doctors Get Payments From Drug Companies, Study Shows March 21, 2017

But few patients know about financial incentives physicians receive

Gunshot Wounds Cost U.S. Hospitals Nearly $7 Billion Over 9 Years March 21, 2017

Total price tag may be much higher, research suggests

New Hepatitis C Drugs Might Eliminate the Disease March 20, 2017

But not everyone responds completely to the medicines and cost remains a big obstacle, researchers say

New Cholesterol Drugs May Beat Statins, But Price Tag Is High March 17, 2017

Repatha, inclisiran lowered cholesterol levels even further, but first costs about $14,000 a year to take

Is Radiation Therapy Overused in Breast Cancer Care? March 14, 2017

Shorter course less expensive, equally effective in certain patients, researchers say

Analysis: Millions Would Lose Health Coverage Under GOP Overhaul March 14, 2017

Republicans say major surgery needed to Obamacare to save what they call a failed initiative

Higher Spending by Docs May Not Buy Better Health March 13, 2017

No difference in patient outcomes when physicians order more -- or more pricey -- tests, treatments, study finds

Could Fruits and Veggies Save Hearts Worldwide? March 07, 2017

New analysis finds low consumption linked to more lost years of healthy life

Annual Death Toll From Alzheimer's Nearly Doubles in 15 Years March 07, 2017

Price tag hits $259 billion a year, projected to exceed $1 trillion by 2050, report finds

Patient Organizations Offer Advice on Reforming Obamacare March 06, 2017

Coalition of 11 groups urges Congress to ensure affordability, accessibility and adequate coverage

Some Hospitals May Overcharge for Hip, Knee Replacements: Study February 28, 2017

Prices were double the average costs for the implants, but only one insurer was included in the research

Government Funding Could Save Canadians $4 Billion on Medicines February 27, 2017

Health care experts note that paying for essential drugs increases access, too

Many Younger Cancer Survivors Can't Afford Their Meds February 21, 2017

Skipping doses or drugs altogether can be dangerous, U.S. researchers warn

Shocks From Implanted Defibrillators Trigger Health Costs of Their Own February 15, 2017

Even when the shock was inappropriate, many people still got invasive medical procedures afterwards, study finds

Heart Disease Could Cost U.S. $1 Trillion Per Year By 2035: Report February 14, 2017

American Heart Association estimates that nearly half of Americans will have heart disease in less than 20 years

What's Next for the Obamacare Insurance Exchanges? February 10, 2017

Trump administration draft regulation reportedly could raise rates for older adults, shorten open enrollment for 2018

U.S. Legislation Boosted Access to Autism Services, With No Added Cost to Families February 07, 2017

Findings show 2008 federal 'parity' law is having desired effect, researchers say

Smoking Costs World $1.4 Trillion a Year in Disease, Lost Productivity January 31, 2017

Tobacco-related diseases caused 12 percent of deaths among smokers aged 30 to 69 in 2012, study finds

2 GOP Senators Unveil Obamacare Alternative January 23, 2017

Bill would allow states to stick with the controversial health reform law -- or not

Obamacare Covered More People With Mental Illness, Addictions January 20, 2017

But greater numbers need to be in treatment for these conditions, researcher says

Obamacare Repeal Could Bring Many More Uninsured, Higher Premiums January 17, 2017

Nonpartisan report analyzes probable effects of a 2015 Congressional bill

Steep Bills Surprise Patients Who Go 'Out-of-Network' January 17, 2017

For example, anesthesiologists charge nearly 6 times the Medicare rate, study finds

Government-Backed Salt Reduction Efforts Could Deliver Big Health Pay Day January 11, 2017

Researchers estimate a 10 percent cut in salt could save millions worldwide from heart disease

High Health Care Deductibles Take Toll on Family Finances January 10, 2017

Studies suggest significant out-of-pocket costs may harm low-income and chronically ill patients

Tobacco Use Costs World 6 Million Lives, $1 Trillion Annually: Report January 10, 2017

Higher prices, taxes would deter smoking and generate income, WHO and others say

Obamacare Boosts Breast Cancer Screening, Study Finds January 09, 2017

Waiving costs appears to improve mammography rates, but not colonoscopy, even among the poor

Powerful Drug for Advanced Cancers May Need Less Frequent Dosing January 04, 2017

Patients whose disease has spread to bone can cut side effects tied to zoledronic acid, researchers report

Hospital ICUs May Be Overused December 29, 2016

Single medical center study found half of those getting intensive care didn't need it

Diabetes Takes Biggest Bite Out of U.S. Health Care Spending December 28, 2016

Top 5 diseases, conditions accounted for $437 billion in 2013

Health Care Spending for U.S. Kids Jumped 56 Percent in Less Than 20 Years December 27, 2016

Preventive services in childhood create healthier adults, researcher says

U.S. Families Spend 1.5 Billion Hours Yearly on Kids With Special Health Needs December 27, 2016

Care provided by parents adds up to nearly $18 billion in lost wages, study says

CDC Allocates $184 Million for Zika Protection December 22, 2016

Funds are earmarked for states, territories, local health departments and universities

Uninsured Rate Hits New Low Due to Obamacare: Report December 21, 2016

The Commonwealth Fund finds more working-age Americans have health insurance than ever before

Down Syndrome May Not Be Big Financial Burden on Families December 16, 2016

Having a child with the condition costs about $80 more a month in medical expenses, study finds

Prices Skyrocket on Drugs Widely Used by Seniors: Report December 14, 2016

Cost of brand-name meds for chronic conditions rose nearly 130 times faster than inflation rate

Obama Signs Sweeping Health Care Bill Into Law December 13, 2016

21st Century Cures Act includes intiatives to boost mental, physical health

Rising Price of Opioid OD Antidote Could Cost Lives: Study December 08, 2016

Investigators identify strategies for ensuring the drug's availability

Congress Passes Sweeping Health Care Bill December 07, 2016

21st Century Cures Act includes intiatives to boost mental, physical health

Many Americans Skip the Dentist Due to Cost December 06, 2016

Researchers say finding highlights need to overhaul dental insurance

Fewer Americans Struggle With Medical Bills: Report November 30, 2016

Researchers credit Obamacare, but difficulties persist for uninsured and people with high deductibles

Insulin Prices Skyrocket, Putting Many Diabetics in a Bind November 29, 2016

American Diabetes Association asks Congress to investigate the matter

Cancer Can Devour Income of Medicare-Only Patients November 23, 2016

Without supplemental insurance, out-of-pocket costs average 25 percent of annual earnings, study finds

U.S. Health Care Spending Up 5 Percent in 2015 November 22, 2016

Prescription drugs are the fastest growing expense, report shows

Retail Health Clinics Fail to Curb Routine ER Visits, Study Finds November 21, 2016

Many people still rely on the emergency department for help with minor health problems, like earaches

Delays in Lupus Care Seen Among Minorities, Less Educated November 18, 2016

Prompt referral to specialist is critical with this complicated disease, researcher notes

Almost 1 in 4 Face Surprise Bills After ER Visit November 16, 2016

Although hospital may be in insurance network, doctors who treat you may not be, study finds

Prices of Generic Heart Failure Drugs Vary Widely November 15, 2016

Patients can spend from $12 to $400 a month to fill common prescriptions, study reveals

Heart Failure Hospitalizations on the Rise in U.S. November 15, 2016

But the length of stay is getting shorter and survival rates are going up, study finds

Trump Victory Won't Derail Obamacare Open Enrollment for 2017 November 11, 2016

Obama administration assures consumers that sign-ups will continue