Srikanth, Rashmi, MD

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Phone number: 908-864-4820

Personal Notes:

Rashmi Srikanth, MD, specializes in family medicine.

Dr. Srikanth is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians. She is the recipient of the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Family Medicine Academic Excellence Award and Richard Rapkin Society in Pediatric Medicine Outstanding Leadership Award.

Dr. Srikanth participates in various volunteer projects. She has been a project coordinator for Healthy Families for Life, a community outreach initiative to help fight childhood obesity. In addition to volunteering for the American Academy of Family Physicians tobacco-free program, she designed the Literacy Initiative for lifestyle and literacy for Spanish-speaking seniors in New Brunswick. Her volunteer experiences have taught her the important role a community has in caring for patients. It also inspired her to pursue a career in primary care. Dr. Srikanth says, "I wanted a career in medicine because it allows me to transform people's lives. I am devoted to providing personalized, compassionate care for each of my patients."

When she is not working with her patients, Dr. Srikanth enjoys classical dance of South India. She has performed and competed in cultural events and state-wide competitions. She also enjoys reading and traveling.

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